Do you struggle with “tough to fulfill” technical positions? Let our Recruiters help you hire smarter and faster.

Shortlisting & Recruitment AI

Narrowing down to the top few ideal candidates from a large applicant pool can be the toughest part of hiring. An average job posting can receive hundreds of resumes, many of which are unqualified. This is a monumental task for hiring managers and Recruiters.

Recruiting Concepts uses AI powered technology in addition to an Applicant Tracking System to save you crucial time and increase the accuracy of your selections. We can automate the process of sourcing, ranking & grading applicants to shortlist from massive resume responses.

Shortlisting services use your qualifying metrics to rate and rank and our technology allows us to message candidates quickly, move them through to the Video Interview phase and beyond and narrow the time to hire while staying close to your exact hiring requirements. In addition, this technology allows us to tackle Volume Hire projects with great efficiency.

We can conduct shortlisting services for our clients who post their jobs through us or we can support you when you place ads independently.

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