Difficult hires plaguing your Business?

Specializing in complex hiring requirements, Recruiting Concepts works as your strategic and highly consultative partner. Our ability to access talent pools unique to your organization and penetrate passive markets ensures that we find THE candidate that fits your role perfectly!

  1. Your job posting is selectively distributed to both Major and specialty job boards.
  2. Postings include Domestic, International or Remote opportunities
  3. Effective and precise AI pre-screening tailored to your requirements
  4. Your unique culture and mission are highlighted
  5. Candidates find it easy to follow the screening process
  6. Delivers the top 2% of the candidate pool


Posted on select job boards and through our professional networks, your job receives targeted exposure

Assessments and Screens

Screening and candidate assessments are customized based on your roles’ unique requirements

Employment Process Flow

For both Candidates and you as the Company hiring, the process is seamless from beginning to end.

Passive Candidate Market Penetration

Using modern Social Media Integrations + Lead Generation tools.  Recruiting Concepts now offering innovative Digital Headhunting platform to capture an audience of applicants where traditional methods of attraction are not working.

Mobile Friendly

Candidates can apply through a variety of channels and can easily engage in the screening and assessments process all on the go!


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COVID-19 has changed the face of recruitment-Is your organization prepared?

Sooner than anyone could have predicted, COVID-19 changed our world at work. It disrupted workplace culture, accelerated the need for strategic initiatives in talent management and altered recruitment and talent retention dramatically.

To keep ahead, recruitment must be agile to best position your organization ahead of uncertainty. But how?

The following three areas are key as you build your recruitment strategy: core skills, workplace culture and technology.

Basic candidate requirements such as cultural fit, strong communication skills, the ability to work in teams and have a growth mindset, haven’t changed in this environment-but it’s the addition of new skills such as the ability to self-direct and technical skills that are now crucial-as remote work becomes the new norm for the foreseeable future.

Workplace culture drastically changed in the face of remote work. At a management level they must provide clearer direction and more guidance at the beginning of projects, they are acutely aware of the impact of self-isolation and mental health (there is a reason why they have solitary confinement in prison). All of this necessitates the need to develop or redefine workplace culture that recognizes boundaries of work and home.

Collaborative technologies such as screen-sharing, video conferencing, shared file storage, digital whiteboards, smartphone chat groups—are both freely available and sophisticated. Organizations have had to revisit… “it’s just better to do it face-to-face.”

Reviewing what new skills are needed for your potential new hires, recognizing and communicating how your workplace culture has changed and embracing the new technologies are all part of having a successful recruitment strategy.

If this seems daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Recruiting Concepts has 20 years of experience in proven hiring techniques for companies requiring sound advice. Let us help you navigate the “new normal” in recruiting!






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Recruitment Myth-Busting: You can’t afford not to hire a Recruiter (5 min read)

If you break down the double negative, this statement is 100% accurate, although not fully understood.

The number one reason small, medium (and some large) organizations don’t use recruiters is because they perceive this service as too expensive.

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What does a High Performer look like in your Organization?

When getting started on a new recruiting project, there are a few essential pieces of information I require from businesses before I develop the recruitment marketing plan and advertise:

  • the specialized skills required
  • minimum education and training preferred
  • a breakdown of the technical skills needed
  • the salary range.

But this is the easy part, especially when I use headhunting to attract the right people for my clients.

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Benefits of Engaging a Recruiter to hire your Team Members

Hiring an employment recruiter to help your company find the best people is always a smart idea. But now, more than ever, enlisting the expertise of a recruiter is vital to not only attracting the best talent to your organization, but also to giving your new team members the best possible virtual onboarding experience.

Outsourcing your recruitment needs to a corporate recruiter can really help you save time and focus. 

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