Author: Krista Wright

Recruitment Myth-Busting: You can’t afford not to hire a Recruiter (5 min read)

If you break down the double negative, this statement is 100% accurate, although not fully understood. The number one reason small, medium (and some large) organizations don’t use recruiters is because they perceive this service as too expensive.

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What does a High Performer look like in your Organization?

When getting started on a new recruiting project, there are a few essential pieces of information I require from businesses before I develop the recruitment marketing plan and advertise: the specialized skills required minimum education and training preferred a breakdown

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Benefits of Engaging a Recruiter to hire your Team Members

Hiring an employment recruiter to help your company find the best people is always a smart idea. But now, more than ever, enlisting the expertise of a recruiter is vital to not only attracting the best talent to your organization,

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Interviews: How to explain the nature of your job loss

The way you handle explaining the reason you left past employment while interviewing can hold a great deal of weight. In my recruiting practice, I often help candidates prepare for interviews.

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Hiring during Coronavirus Pandemic ~ A guide to Virtual Onboarding

I am witnessing many of my clients, who have hired employees prior to the outbreak, continue as planned with their onboarding.  Some have pushed start dates, a few have put hiring projects on hold. Many have been working on very

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