Recruiting Simplified.

Consider this:  A successful hire is generally determined, when the person hired shows on the job success by consistently and successfully getting the job done with the least amount of direction.

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Recruitment Consulting

Recruiting Concepts provides full headhunting services leaving no parameter untouched to find the best suitable candidate for your company’s needs.

Recruitment Partnership

Our commitment to you is a business partnership designed to make the best match between our client and the candidate.

Staffing Administration Support

As a recruitment firm, we support the staffing administration by providing customized job postings for targeted searches.


The Retainer program provides our clients with experienced Recruitment Consulting support on a regular basis...

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  • Proud to be a part of Food4Kids

    Proud to be a part of Food4Kids

    I’m so proud to be a member of the Board of Directors for Food4Kids.  Approximately 5 years ago I had a chance meet up with the Executive Director of F4K. This was right around the time that the idea for…Read more ›
  • Introducing my amazing Networking team- B2B Corporate Executive Burlington

    Introducing my amazing Networking team- B2B Corporate Executive Burlington

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  • Giving Thanks and Appreciation

    Giving Thanks and Appreciation

    I had a wonderful thing happen to me today. Something so simple and basic yet, something that I know doesn’t happen to many people often enough. I was thanked by someone. This was someone who took the time to send…Read more ›